A Brief Malwarebytes Review

Going online, it’s better to take all possible precautions and protect your PC from different viruses, threats, and malware. Today, we’ll learn more about Malwarebytes and reasons to add it to your device. In this Malwarebytes review, we’ll also go over the main pros and cons to decide if this tool can be of any help to you.

A General Idea about Malwarebytes

First of all, you need to understand that this program won’t fully replace any antivirus software. However, it’s a great addition to any solution you use. In combination, they’ll deliver better results and protect your device from online threats.

There is a couple of products offered by the developer. The newest one is Malwarebytes Premium. It differs from other solutions by offering more than just malware protection. There are some extra services and tools you get, too. Moreover, there is a safe browsing tool.

Malwarebytes wasn’t built like the top antivirus programs as Bitdefender or Avast. It focused on malware only and deal with zero-day threats. The test results have proven that it’s perfect at detecting them. So, if you still wonder whether Malwarebytes is worth it, be aware that this is a good choice but only combined with traditional antivirus.

The Highlights to be Aware of

Conveniently, it runs on most operating systems including Windows, macOS, Chromebook, iOS, and Android.

Besides, it’s compatible with other antivirus programs. This means you can and should get both to secure a high level of protection. There won’t be conflicts or crashes since it was initially developed for this mission. Just use it for additional defense and you’ll be satisfied with the results.

The tool is lightweight and doesn’t impact the system performance much. It’s fast and convenient offering quick scans. A friendly and super-easy interface makes navigation enjoyable and simple.

When you are tight on budget, you can benefit from a decent free edition.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Malwarebytes

In this Malwarebytes review, we’ll define the top 6 advantages to get the program. They include:

  1. Being excellent at removing the zero-day threats,
  2. Offering ransomware and exploit protection,
  3. Having a simple and straightforward interface that’s easy to add to your computer,
  4. The possibility of using the free version,
  5. Fast and thorough scans,
  6. Almost no system impact.

While the picture now seems too good to be true, the software has some drawbacks, too. Just take a look:

  1. Detection levels need improving,
  2. The premium version is rather expensive (especially if you take into account that you’ll still need to buy antivirus),
  3. The free version, on the other hand, doesn’t have real-time protection,
  4. Cannot be used without another antivirus (simply not effective enough),
  5. There are no new results from the independent lab tests.

Useful Tips About the Software

When you run the software, you’ll see 4 main modules at the top. They include a dashboard, scan, settings, and history.

As soon as you need to start scanning, just go to the corresponding section and click on Start Scan. There are 3 types of service available: the Threat Scan, the Hyper Scan, and the Custom Scan. Keep in mind that sometimes a scan can flag legit apps ad threats. This doesn’t often occur but still possible.

There are some extra features in the bundle, too. For instance, you may get Malwarebytes Browser Guard. It’s an extension you may add to Firefox or Google Chrome and forget about annoying pop-up ads, scams, etc.

Final Words

While using only Malwarebytes is not enough to keep your device safe, it’s a simple and useful tool for an extra layer of protection from online threats.